About Us

“Computers with Human is a powerful combination” -- Garry Kasparvov.

Our mission is to enable this aspiration for everyone, not just Chess players. We want to empower the 200+ million knowledge workers in the world, that spend enormous amount of their time doing mundane repetitive tasks, to build their own Robots. Robots that will do their boring tasks so they can focus on work that provide high-value.


Baskar Puvanathasan

Baskar is the CEO and Co-Founder of BorgIQ. He is passionate about building great products that delight users. He is now on a mission to make automation accessible to everyone.

Baskar has a track record of building successful enterprise products. Prior to BorgIQ, Baskar co-founded PagerDuty (NYSE: PD), an enterprise software company in the IT Operations/ DevOps space, that serves over 11,000 customers and has a market capitalization of around $4 billion USD. He, along with his co-founders, built the product that has become the industry standard for managing incidents in highly agile teams.

Baskar also held engineering roles at Amazon.com, BlackBerry and Tira Wireless. Baskar graduated from University of Waterloo with B.A.S in Computer Engineering.

Prabakar Puvanathasan

Prabakar Puvanathasan is the CTO and Co-Founder of BorgIQ. He brings to BorgIQ the experience of working in a fast-paced start-up environment. He is motivated to take BorgIQ's automation platform to the next level.

Before co-founding BorgIQ, Prabakar worked as a software engineer for various corporations ranging from E-commerce to SaaS. He has worked on platforms ranging from mobile to web application. He brings knowledge in how to keep a reliable SaaS running efficiently.

Prabakar graduated from the University of Waterloo with a B.S. in Systems Design Engineering. He also holds a masters degree in Systems Design Engineering.


We are located in downtown Markham @ YSpace.

Suite 301
169 Enterprise Blvd
Markham, Ontario
L6G 0E7